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Monday, 2 December 2013

December, Snow and Santy Collars!

Hi y'all ....I can't believe it's December and I haven't posted since Oct.30th! I'm such a naughty blogger. I do have some very good reasons though. My 18 year old daughter Jessica finally got herself employed about a month ago at The Body Shop. She absolutely loves working there and making her own money ...ok so is her father! She is saving up for university in January.

Here she is hard at work! Look at that smile, no wonder she sells so much and her co-workers have nothing but praise for her. I'm so proud.

Next we have had a couple of huge storms in the last couple of weeks. We had so much rain last week that people here had their basements flooded and lost a lot of stuff. Streets were closed and roads were washed out. Now over the weekend we were dumped on with snow. This is a pic of my back yard covered in 4-5 inches of the white fluff as I call it. My mom has another name for it but I can't say it here! Lol! 

Gross but my hubby love it! I say he's a bit on the insane side but oh well. 

I have to close this post with some pics of my fur babies. The black poodle is Cuddles and she's 13. Cody is a white 3 year old male and he's a huge sook! They just came back from the groomers and have their Santy collars on! Aren't they just adorable!

We've been sooooo good all year Mom!!!

Hopefully I will have a pic of an updated injury a work is giving me problems so I haven't been able to stitch like I want to. Till next time and happy stitching, Michelle


  1. Cuddles and Cody are beautiful together. =)
    Hooray for your daughter. Big plans too. Good for her.
    We have had snow, but not that much!

  2. I forgot to tell you. You are still no-reply commenter. You can change that on your dashboard, on the far left, click your picture.


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