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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The return of mojo!!

Mister Mojo has finally returned after months of away time! He showed himself Sunday evening as I was getting ready to work my night shift. Needless to say I'm thrilled that he's back and have put in some stitches on my wip, A Christmas Carol. Not much mind you, ( I have 16 patients to look after) but I'm still pleased with my progress thus far.

As you can see the next house is nearly finished and the roof is stitched on the next house. This is a fun stitch!

On another note I managed to find time to get my hair cut today in between getting ready for Halloween. It took my hairdresser 15 minutes to cut and style my hair! This is the second time I had my hair cut like this and it's so easy to maintain!

It's not the best pic in the world but iPad takes horrible pictures anyway! 

I'm so glad to have people reading and following my blog. I have 5 followers now and I'm really happy about that. I look at many blogs and I see a lot of you have hundreds! Wow that's amazing to me. I would be thrilled at 20! So a BIG thank you to my readers and followers! Now I'm going to put a dent in my project and see if I can get those houses stitched! Wish me luck! ..oh by the way, mojo is  now chained firmly by my side!  Happy Stitching!


  1. Wow, I envy those who can wear their hair like that! Love the cut! Fantastic! Glad you have your stitching mojo too. Great progess!

  2. That is a very pretty stitch!


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