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Friday, 18 October 2013

Lost mojo, the Headless Horseman and A Christmas Carol

Hi y'all ...can't believe a week has gone by and I haven't put in one single stitch. Nope not even a little bitty seriously thinking my mojo has hitched a plane ride south in a desperate bid to be rid of me!! ..sniffle...I'm really missing it. I would file a missing persons report with the police alas I don't remember what mojo looks like. In any case I will show you my plans for stitching this fall and into the Christmas season! Gasp!! Yes I said the dreaded C word!!
  Can't believe Halloween is just around the corner. I am in love with the tale of Icobod Crane and the headless horseman. I can't help myself from watching the Disney cartoon every year. It's like a ritual, every Halloween I have to watch Icky and Charlie Brown! Yes my inner child comes out at holidays and occasions and I'm magically transported back to my childhood which is welcome break from being a responsible adult! Unfortunately the spell is soon broken and like Cinderella I'm back in rags with a smashed pumpkin at my feet.

    This is Sleepy Hollow by The Cricket Collection. I'm going to stitch this design on Stephanie Bishops Banshee 18 count Aida. I'm totally in love with this design which makes me wonder why I haven't put any stitches in yet?! The scissors are awesome as well.

Primitive Hares A Christmas Carol

          As you can see I've actually stitched some but haven't picked up this design for quite some time. I'll start A  Christmas Carol right after Halloween is over. I'm determined to finish this before the holidays! These are one of my favorite pairs of scissors. I got them from Anita's Little Stitches. She's fabulous! I highly recommend ordering from her.

         Time to shove off and see if I can spot mojo lurking around...the little creatin might actually come back like the prodical son!! Til next time..happy stitching!



  1. Hello Michelle! So very glad to discover you. I am glad you found me. ;) I cannot wait to see pictures of your poodles here. tee hee! How fun. How awesome that I am your first follower too.

  2. Michelle, I forgot to tell you that you are a "no-reply commenter" right now. So I, and everyone else cannot respond to your comments through our email. You fix that on your dashboard, on the far left where it says Michelle's blog, click on your picture.

  3. Hi Michelle! And welcome to blogging :) You already seem to have gotten the hang of it for sure!

    Can't to see more of Headless Horseman. Have you caught the new Sleepy Hallow TV show yet? Might be up you alley :)

    I was just about to ask about those scissors! I'll have to head over to Anita's and check them out!

    Looking forward to LOADS more posts from you my dear!

    In the mean time, Happy Stitching!


    1. Can't wait****... where is my head today! (pardon the pun hehe)

  4. Ooooh, I like both these designs! I hope you stitch them both!

  5. Oh baby those ARE nice scissors!


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